Know the Trendy Oversized Sunglasses

In the recent times, you must have noticed that oversized sunglasses have become quite a rage among the women. You can see many celebrities and other women opting for this pair of sunglasses and looking gorgeous.


It could lead to you feeling the urge of trying these sunglasses. However, it is better to do research before purchasing something. So, lets have a look at some the finest oversized sunglasses for women.

Carolina Herrera sunglasses H735

It is the pair of sunglasses that has a cute hair ribbon or a butterfly like look. It makes it different from the other oversized sunglasses.

It has wide frame in hair ribbon shape as mentioned above. It is available in various colors and has awesome textures as well. When it comes to the lenses, it has many exciting colors and it could give you a fresh look.

SW oversized celebrity sunglasses

It is the pair of sunglasses as the name suggests. Yes, you may have seen many celebrities wearing this type of oversized sunglasses and you might be interested to know about these glasses as well.

Well, the SW oversized celebrity sunglasses has a sleek wide frame that looks luxurious in black color. It comes in gradient purple lens color that could also give you a catchy touch.

Shutter shades

If you are searching for a different pair of sunglasses, then shutter shades are the one that you can try. You may have seen many celebrities wearing it and it may look cool on you as well.

These are the glasses that has a plastic frame like all other types of eyeglasses. But, it differs from other glasses when it comes the lenses. It has window like lines on frame front instead of glass lenses which could give you a different look.

Prada studded oversized square sunglasses

Prada is a renowned sunglasses manaufacturer that has been offering finest quality eyewear for a long time. This pair of sunglasses has its own features as well.

Its frame is smaller than other glasses which comes in a textured brown havana or black color. It has golden dots on the arms and has the lenses that offer 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Michael, Michael Kors ‘Astor’ studded oversized square sunglasses

It is the pair of sunglasses that has a stylish touch to it. It has a well-designed frame and bold arms and has gradient black lens color. You can opt for this pair of sunglasses whether going for a business meeting or going out on a holiday.

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Know the History of Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses are something that are rage among the all-aged people nowadays and has been getting the same appriciation from the sunglasses wearers since a long time.


You might be eager to know why it has been like this. Let’s find out the same in the write-up.

Wayfarer sunglasses were first manufactured by Baush and Lomb which was the parent company of the  renowned brand Ray-Ban. The optical designer named Rayond Stegeman came with its design in 1952. It got everyone’s attention right from its inception and gave tough competition to the Cadillac’s tail fin. Wayfarers had the masculine look to attract the men and the plastice framed sunglasses were a good replacement to the wire and metal sunglasses.

This way these eyeglasses got much popular in the 1950s-60s. However, after that period wayfarers experienced a new low and only 18,000 pairs of such glasses were sold by the 80s. Keeping the decreasing popularity of these sunglasses in mind Ray-Ban signed a contract worth $50,000 with the company named Unique Product Placement in the year 1982.

This deal was to place the glasses in the movies and TV serieses and as a result Ray-Ban sunglasses appeared in over 60 movies and TV shows per year since 1982 to 1987. This move proved beneficial for the Ray-Ban as 360,000 pairs of wayfarers were sold by the 1983.

Cut to 1990s, wraparound sunglasses had become the favorite among the people and wayfarers were out of trend yet again. However, in the year 2001 Ray-Ban redesigned these glasses. The result was a frame that was less angular and smaller and it was made of injected plastic that was lightweight.

It lead to the boom in the sale of wayfarers again and by the late 2000s these glasses made a full recovery. Today, it is thought to be as the most selling sunglasses type with the aviators.

So, it was the small history of the wayfarer sunglasses. Hope you like it.

Common Myths About the Eyes

As an eyeglasses wearer, you may have heard many things that could give you a headache. Someone may have told you that your vision will start to deteriorate if you use glasses for a long period of time. Or you may have heard that if you are a regular glasses wearer, then it could prove harmful for your eyes if you don’t wear it.


But, according to the eye care specialists, both of these and some other things are myths. So, lets have a thorough look at all these myths to give optimum care to the eyes.

Wearing glasses for a long period of time deteriorates your vision (myth)

As per the eye specialist, this myth spread among the people based on the misconception that your eyes’ physiology changes if you wear spectacles or contact lenses for a long period of time. It is also possible that this myth may also have spread cause of the weakness in the eyes due to natural ageing or glasses effects on the eyes.

So, it is a myth. Your vision may not get worse if you wear glasses with correct prescription.

Not wearing glasses regularly may cause your vision to deteriorate (myth)

It is much important for you to wear your glasses if you need to them. However, it does not affect your eyes if you don’t wear the glasses regularly. But, not wearing your eyeglasses means, you are not doing a favour to your eyes.

When it comes to the effects of not wearing the glasses regularly. there are some other things that could cause you problems. For example, if you forget to wear eyeglasses, then you may have to squint to see clearly and it could lead to you having a headache.

You cannot do anything about your worsening vision as you get old (myth)

Cataracts is one of the eye problems that lots of people experience as they age. According to the optometrist, you must not think cataracts as a disease as its a normal thing in the ageing process and a person living long could experience it.

Moreover, cataracts is the problem that can be fixed. There is a solution through which cataracts (an eye disease in which a clouding of the eye lenses occurs due to the folding of proteins) can be removed.

So, remove these myths from your mind and give required care to your eyes. You can visit our site, if you want to buy prescription sunglasses.  

Common Myths about Contact Lenses

Wearing contacts lens is the latest trend among the youngsters. It is much useful for the eyes and can also add style to your looks.


However, there are common myths that could put you in doubt while using contact lenses. So, as an optical service provider, we will try to give you an idea of the same myths, so that you can use eye lenses without any doubt.

Lenses could get lots behind the eyes or could get stuck

These are the two most common misconceptions that people have about the contacts. However, according the specialists, you must not be worried of the contacts getting lost behind your eyes. The reason being, there is a thin membrane named conjunctiva that covers the white of the eyes and eyelids insides get connected to it.

The other myth might be true because a soft lens could stick to your eye if it gets dried. You can remove it by applying sterile saline as it will get remoistened.

Contacts lens are not easy to take care of

You may also get the wrong idea in your mind that its not easy to take care of the eye lenses. The cleaning and disinfecting it very easy.

All you have to do is to purchase a bottle of contact lenses care systerms and you can clean and disinfect your lenses. You also use daily disposable or 30 day extended wear contact lens if you dont want to do eye lenses cleaning.

Eye lenses are expensive

It could also be one of the reasons you might not want to use contacts. It is because eye lens is still taken by the people as the luxury. However, thats not true.

There are lenses that can come at a lesser price that an excellect pair of sunglasses. You can get even  daily disposible contact lenses at a reasonable price.

Contact lens are not for the aged people

You might have heard someone saying that people above 40 cant wear contacts. That is totally wrong!

Yes, it was not ideal for the aged people earlier because there were no techniques to make the lens for the aged people whom eyes get dried easily. However, now there are contacts that are specifically designed for the same.

So, have you changed your mind about eyelenses now? If yes, then you can visit our site and cant buy contact lenses at a reasonable price.

Can your Eyes Tell you about your Health (Part II)

In the last edition of this write-up, we discussed what some of the eye conditions can tell you about your health.


There are some more eye conditions that could be linked to some  of your health issues. So, lets take a look at some of those as well in this article.

Sudden blurry vision

It has been seen that some people experience a sudden loss of vision or have a blurry vision. It could be caused due to the problem with the blood flow to your eyes or brain.

According to the specialists, immediate medical attention is required to prevent serious damage. You also need to keep in mind that even if your vision improves quickly, there are chances that it might lead to a migraine headache or might be a warning of a stroke.

Ring around your cornea

If you see a Gray-white line of fat deposits growing on the outside edge of your cornea, it means that you are suffering from corneal arcs.

In this condition, these deposits make a complete ring sometimes and you don’t need to worry much if you are an older person. However, it could be a sign of your cholesterol reaching a dangerous level if you experience it under the age of 40.

Yellow whites of your eyes

It is one of the very common problem that people experience. In this condition which is called jaundice, your eyes and skin could get yellow.

As per the specialists, you can often experience it if your liver has some problem. In the medical language, your liver could make high levels of bilirubin if it is inflamed or damaged and it could lead to you having such problem.

Cancer, infection, bad diet, and chronic alcohol abuse can be the cause of your liver getting damaged. You try to change your lifestyle or could try medicines or liver transplant to get rid of this problem.

Eyes twitching

Eyes twitching is something that is very common and yet not harmful and it usually goes away on its own. It could be caused by the use of alcohol, fatigue, caffeine or smoking. It could also be a sign of problem with the nervous system such as multiple sclerosis in some extremely rare cases.

However, you would experience some other symptoms too if your eyes twitching is linked to multiple sclerosis or some other problem with the nervous system. These symptoms could be such as difficulty in walking, talking and going to bathroom.

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Do your Eyes Can Tell you about your Health (Part-I)

Have you heard that eyes are the door to the heart? Or you can read someone’s face through the eyes?  If yes, then, you have heard it right. However, have you ever heard that your eyes can also tell you much about your health?


Well, if not, then, lets us inform you that eyes are also a good source of telling you about your various health problems. Interested to know how? Read on!

Blurred vision

Having blurry vision is the most common problem among the diabetes patients. This eye condition is called diabetic retinopathy in which small blood vessels in the eyes leak blood and other fluids and you may experience blurred vision.

According to the eye care specialists, a laser is used by the eye doctors to seal such leaks and this way you can get rid of the problematic new blood vessels. It could affect your side vision, but can be helpful in saving the central vision.

Bulging eyes

You might have experience bulging eyes or may have seen some other people having such problem. This type of eye condition occurs if you are suffering from graves’ disease. In this condition, your thyriod gland releases too many hormones and your eyes could get bulgy.

It could also become the cause of you suffering from diarrhea, hand tremors and weight loss. You can control the amount of your hormones your thyroid makes through medication or surgery. However, it may not be helpful for your eyes.

Drooping eyelids

Drooping eyes could be the symptom of myasthenia gravis. It could make your immune system attack and your muscles could get weak. You could find it tough to chew, speak and swallow as it affects your eyes, face and throat muscles.

According to the specialists, doctors may try to filter your blood to ease symptoms, but you cant be sure of getting a permanent solution.

Night blindness

You might also experience vision problem in the low light or at night. It could happen due to cataracts that is the natural part of aging.

But, if you have it in the younger age, then you may not be getting enough vitamin A. You can include eatables such as spinach, beef liver, sweet potatoes and pumpkins, etc. to get ample dose of vitamin A. You can buy spectacles to improve your vision at night.

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Finest Eyeglasses for Women

Women are the most beautiful creature in the world. They have amazing sense of taking care of their beauty and they are also well ahead of their male counterparts when it comes to the fashion.


So, women are also quite smart when it comes to choosing their eyeglasses. Thus, keeping your choosiness in mind, we have come up with some of the finest spectacles that you may like.

Oliver Peoples executive II demo glasses

There are some styles that dont get outdated. These eyeglasses can give you the same feel as it has a retro look. This pair of glasses has acetate made half rimmed frame that can make you drool at the first sight because of its lovely caramel hue.

This frame is atteched to oval shaped clear lenses that could also come according to your prescription. You can purchase this eyewear online from many sites.

Dior wavy-brow fashion glassses

It is the eyewear from the well-known brand Dior and has such quality that it could make you stand in the crowd. It has wayfarer style frame upfront with wavy brow and it is fitted with sleek arms that can sit on your ears quite comfortably.

Moreover, it comes in two awasome colors that are black/blue and dark havana and you can put on these eyeglasses whether going outside or attending a function.

Miu Miu cat eye optical glasses

Miu Miu’s cat eye optical glasses could be the ideal product for you if you are searching for such glasses that has a funky yet astute look. This pair of eyewear has an innovative cat eye frame in angular shape and has lustrous gold metal arms.

The frame is made of tortoiseshell acatate which makes it even more distinctive and you can also get this product according to your prescription.

Dita Eyeglasses

It is yet another stylish pair of eyeglasses that you could go ga-ga over at the first sight. It is a finely crafted eyewear that comes in half rimmed gold metal and acetate frame and holds shiny clear lenses.

Arms are made of the acetate as well and it wont bother you while hanging on your ears. The most amazing feature of this product is its simple look that makes it perfect to wear almost everywhere.

Anna-Karin Karlsson baby i’m gone optical glasses

Want to add a luxurious eyewear to your wardrobe? Try these glasses from Anna-Karin Karlsson. These clear lens goggles has an oversized wayfarer frame that has a gold tone plate across the bridge which gives it sophisticated touch.

When it comes to the color, you wont like to miss out on elegant matte-black color that could match almost your every outfit.

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Best Unisex Sunglasses for you this Winter

Sunglasses are one of the most important part of your wardrobe. You use it in the summer to protect your eyes from the sun rays and dusty winds. In the winter, you use it to avoid chilly winds and to flaunt your style as well.


As the winter is around the corner, you might be searching for the ideal eyeglasses for you this winter. So, in this write-up, lets take a look at the best unisex sunglasses for this winter.

Celine bridge sunglasses

It is the pair of sunglasses that you can opt for if you are looking for a simple yet stylish eyeglasses this winter. It is the product that is made of bold geatric acetate frame and has gold metal double bridge.

When it comes to the lenses, it has light dark black lenses that are also made of acetate. It could prove helpful for you in protecting your eyes from UV and UVB rays.

Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses

This pair goggles from Dolce and Gabbana is more suitable for women. It has a black metallic frame that can cover your eyes fully. It has black plastic lenses that could provide you good protection from the sun.

This product also has plastic arms that come in elegant white color and has the company logo on it. You can wear it while going out or attending some function.

Ray-Ban round metal sunglasses

Ray-Ban is one of the most loved eyeglasses in India. This product from Ray-Ban could also make your eyes popout. It is the pair of sunglasses that has a retro feel with round and lightweight metal frame that comes in shiny silver color.

It has grey lenses up front and is studded with adjustable nose pads and earpiece at the end of arms that makes it comfortable to wear. You can also find Ray-Ban logo on the lens as well.

Versace VE4330 metal mesh collection

If you are searching for a pair of eyeglasses with a luxurious touch, then you can try this pair from Versace. Versace is well-known for its designer products and this product falls in the same category as well.

This pair of eyeglasses has a sleek frame upfront that fitted with the gold designer arms. In the front, you get lenses in many exciting colors. The lenses are made of high-quality material that could offer you UV and UVB protection.

Calvin Klein sunglasses

It is the modern wayfarer from Calvin Klein. It is made of tough yet lightweight acetate and has tortoise texture on it. The lenses come in cool grey shade and it has gold tipped arms that sit on your ears comfortably.

You can opt for this pair of sunglasses if you want to stand out in the crowd while going out or attending a function.

You can visit our web portal if you want to buy sunglasses online and can get high-quality product from us.

Top Five Sunglasses Brands in India

Sunglasses are the essential part of all-aged people’s wardrobe nowadays. From kids and youngsters to aged people everyone have their reasons of wearing goggles.


It is not only useful in flaunting your styles but also in protecting your eyes from different dangers that stay in the surroundings.

All the brands manufacture the sunglasses keeping all these crucial things in mind and you get a product that is finely crafted and is friendly for eye health as well.

Although most of the eyeglasses brands manufacture the products with same features, however there are few of them that stand out among them. So, lets have a look at the best five sunglasses brands that are most popular in India.

Ray Ban

Ray Ban is like a ghar ka brand in India. We dont need to show you stats to prove its popularity in India. Instead, you can easily acknowledge it by seeing lots of people using the Ray Ban sunglasses in their daily life style.

Ray Ban aviators and wayfarers are the products from this brand that people go ga-ga over. Its eyewear are well-designed, have strong frames and have amazing lens colors as well.


Fastrack is really the ghar ka brand of India. You must be aware of the fact that this company manufactures eyewear, watches and many other types of accessories. This brand is mostly popular among the young generation.

The designers have done well in crafting fine quality products and you would not like to miss out on the sunglasses that has a tough and lightweight frame and catchy colors. Fastrack eyewear come at a reasonable price as compared to the Ray Ban ones.


Oakley is the eyeglasses brand that is mostly opted by athletes and sports persons. You can also use it while riding a bike or shooting. It is an eyewear that has a loose fit and you could find it comfortable to wear it.

It is the pair of sunglasses that could prove much useful in protecting your eyes. It has the lenses made with plutonite material that offers clarity as well as comfort to the eyes in the sunlight.


Gucci is an Italian fashion accessory manufacturer. It offers designer products mostly aimed at the women. However, it has also come up with high-quality products for the men.

If you are searching for the sunglasses that could prove helpful for you in having a look that stands out in crowd, then you can opt for Gucci eyewear that come studded with designer frames and colorful lenses.


Polaroid is one of the eyeglasses brands that is famous for making sunglasses with sleek and lightweight touch. It is also one of the oldest polarized sunglasses manufacturer.

Polariod is using the latest technology of thermo-fusion in manufacturing the lenses that enhances the clarity. You can use it to flaunt your style, while biking and for eye protection purposes.

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Your Complete Guide to Protect your Eyes During Winter

Winter is the season that has its own beauty just like other seasons. Sunshine seems warm and nice in this season, chilly air feels like playing with you and you may have many other experiences just like these.


With all that, it could also affect your health. One of the organs of your body that could get affected by it are the eyes. There are many eye problems you could face during the winter, lets discuss four of them and also learn to give proper care to the eyes during winter.

Dry eyes

It is not something new that you keep the windows close during the winter and use the heater to avoid cold weather as well. It could lead to the humidity level decreasing in the home or office and you could experience dry eyes as the eyes cant get the amount of tears it require to remain in well condition.

How to avoid dry eyes?

  • Wear sunglasses.
  • Set a humidifier in the home or office.
  • Stay hyderated as much as possible.
  • Prescription eye drops could prove useful as well.
  • Intake of omega-3 (fish oil) is also recommended.

Excessive tearing

It is also possible that you could have excessive tearing during the winter. It could happen when the chilly weather gets into your eyes and you could find it tough to see clearly at times due to the tears.

What is the protection?

  • You have to use the same way to protect your eyes from cold wind, that is wearing eyeglasses or goggles while going outside.
  • It is also suggested that you use a clean tissue or cloth to wipe the tears away as the dirty cloth or tissue could increase the infection.

Red swollen eyes

Sometimes you could also experience red or swollen eyes during the winter. It could happen because of the constricted blood vessels in the tissue around the eyes. You could have excessive tearing, blurry vision and eyelid spasm because of it.

What can be done to avoid it?

  • Sunglasses or spectacles is the thing you could use to protect your eyes from this eye problem as well. It could prove helpful for you to avoid getting exposed to the UV rays.

Burning eyes

As mentioned above, cold weather could prove harmful for your eyes. If you open your eyes forcefully in the cold windy weather, then it is possible that cornea can freeze. As a result, you can experience blurry vision, pain in the eyes, sensitivity to light and eye lid spasm.

What is the protection?

  • Opting for eyewear is the ideal option to protect your eyes from burning.
  • You can also contact your doctor if you experience such problem. is the platform that you can use if you are looking to buy eyeglasses online and can expect to get a high-quality product a reasonable price.